• PrevenTEST® - Module 2: Advanced

PrevenTEST® - Module 2: Advanced

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"Allergy, intolerances, heavy metal intoxications, E-Smog"

Based on the Workshop Module I, in our Workshop Module II for advanced participants, a short repetition of the basics, the MindREFLEX individual test situations and questions that have arisen, will be discussed and deepened in detail.

Advanced test examples, how are the topics of the previous seminars are tested in detail:

  • Procedure of testing for differentiation between allergy and intolerance
  • Food intolerances and heavy metal intoxications
  • Can E-smog or geopathy be the cause of a chronic illness?
  • Or are the root-canal filled teeth the problem?
  • Blocked regulation and chronic complaints
  • How can the system be balanced and permanently stabilized?
  • Which organ is burdened and needs support?
  • Testing the Primary System Interconnections - What was the causative trigger?
  • Does the client want to remain ill or does the client have a gain from illness?
  • Application of the "surrogate test" = how to test an absent or not directly testable client (infant, client with shoulder problems, animals, etc.)
  • Switching between the different software systems - easy and fast.

Finally, this workshop briefly discusses the topics of competitive advantages / marketing, areas of application, amortization, acceptance and implementation of the test system in practice.

Target group: Doctors, Naturopaths und Therapists
Speaker: Vita Berger and Robert Huber
Time: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm including coffee breaks
Venue: seminar room of the MindLINK company, Grünwalderstr. 1, 81547 Munich, 1st floor

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