• Detox and Organ Relation - Use of Technical Tools - in German language

Detox and Organ Relation - Use of Technical Tools - in German language

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Detox-Seminar "Detox and Organ Relation - Use of Technical Tools" - in German language

This seminar with Dr. Lechner is for those, who want more for their patients, than just optain their teeth for chewing.

Dr. Lechner introduces his successful methods and explains why teeth can suddenly become a disturbing field and cause harm.

Look outside the box and learn about new methods:

  • What is an interference/disturbing field?
  • Diagnosis of interference fields in the tooth-jaw area, jaw osteitis and system diseases with the PrevenTEST system and kinesiology
  • Interference field-oriented interpretation of the X-ray image
  • The dental field and it‘s effects - "Must the tooth be removed or can it stay?"
  • Organ reference to root-canal filled teeth
  • Detox: the newest detoxification strategies - oral and infusion
  • Application of OroTox toxin analysis of the endodontically treated tooth
  • Cavitau - Ultrasound diagnostics of NICO and jaw osteitis: when can the dental area restored and when to undergo surgery?
  • Information folders and forms for patient education
  • "My Practice as a Test Practice"

For the participation in the seminar you receive education points and credits in accordance with the guiding principles for continuing education: KZVB 8 points credit and BDH 4 points credit (only if you are member of one of these organizations).

Time: 09.00 am - 03.00 pm incl. coffee breaks
Cost: 149,00 € inkl. Catering // 2. Participant from the same practice 99,00 €
Speaker: Dr. Johann Lechner PhD-UCN

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