• MindLINK® Seminar - Inflammatory and degenerative developments

MindLINK® Seminar - Inflammatory and degenerative developments

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MindLINK® Seminar - "Inflammatory and degenerative developments in chronic diseases and cancer" - in German language

Possibilities of the natural biological medicine in the context of immunotherapy, pain and cancer medicine. Recognizing causes and treating them individually.

Inflammative and degenerative diseases are on the increase and, for example, In a few years, cancer will be the leading cause of death in industrialized countries. The known therapy concepts of standard medicine have not made any significant progress in recent years.
The natural biological medicine allows the increasing understanding of inflammations and chronic diseases and the regulatory processes in the body. Complex integrated holistic examination and treatment methods as well as more effective strategies of immunotherapy and adjustment of all affected body levels allowed deeper insights into these events.

The identification of causes and diagnostics are at the forefront of an individualized therapy, therefore, at the beginning of each treatment is a holistic information gain, the so-called biocheck with extended immunodiagnostics, regulatory thermography, electromagnetic test's, environmental analyzes, bio-feedback method, quantum physics. Procedures and thus an effective elimination of major causes of inflammation (building biology, detoxification, importance acid-base balance, foci and interference, stress reduction, emotional causes, etc.) can be initiated, to which a supplementation of the metabolism and energy stimulation (orthomolecular therapy, diet change, food culture according to MAYR, infusion therapy - ProcCluster / Relief / Procain base infusion, oxygen and ozone therapy, etc.); and immunotherapy (BK-Riv (strong immune modulator so-called biocomplexes in vertebrates), mistletoe, fresh cells, neural therapy, homeopathy, hyperthermia and PAMP therapy, etc.) followed and, especially to note, a mental-spiritual harmonization takes place (method for influencing the subconscious, SOL-hypnosis, PSET, regulation psychology, etc.).

All this can be made possible by the concept of the clinic im LEBEN.
In the seminar, after theoretical introduction, the implementation is discussed combined withpracticed tips and, as well as practical exercises.

Time:  10.00 am to 04.00 pm incl. 2 coffee beaks
Target group: doctors, therapists and coaches
Cost: 149,00 € incl. 19% VAT. / incl.  Catering (each additional participant only 99,00 € incl. 19% VAT
Speaker: Dr. med. Uwe Rudolf Max Reuter

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