• MindLINK® Seminar Inner Child and Trauma - in German language

MindLINK® Seminar Inner Child and Trauma - in German language

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MindLINK® Seminar "Inner Child and Trauma" - in German language

The Inner Child is the injured personality with the trauma structures, the survival strategies and the healthy personality, which is creative and alive.
To recognize, understand, change and integrate of the 4 components are necessary to heal the injuries of the inner child.

In this seminar with the experienced personality trainer Daniela Wochinger, you will learn how to make the client aware of his or her topics, so that he can approach his inner child in a sensitive way:

  • sense when and through which it was injured, split off,
  • which beliefs and survival patterns have emerged and
  • what the Inner Child needs to trust again.

Because of the own, not healed entanglements are passed on to the next generation in the form of non-present, fears, suppressed emotions, etc. and thus lead to emotional interference and manipulation.

The seminar will help you to understand yourself better as a therapist with your own story and show you ways to get out of these old patterns. This, in turn, helps you to empathize with the client without resorting to entanglements, being clear and creating a new path with your client.

The goal is to gain a stable identity to grow with a healthy ME and a strong WILL. With the MINDLINK myEmo TEST® software module you can continue to work with the client on the tested emotional blockages and accompany him empathically to be resilient to everyday stress.

According to the motto - it's never too late for a happy childhood, but you now have to take care of it yourself and take responsibility for strengthening yourself.

Time:  09.00 am to 03.00 pm incl. 2 coffee beaks
Target group: doctors, therapists and coaches
Cost: 149,00 € incl. 19% VAT. / incl.  Catering (each additional participant only 99,00 € incl. 19% VAT)
Speaker: Daniela Wochinger

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