• MyEmo TEST® - Module 2: Advanced - Topic: Phobias, Stress Disorders and Traumas

MyEmo TEST® - Module 2: Advanced - Topic: Phobias, Stress Disorders and Traumas

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"Phobias, Stress Disorders and Traumas“

Based on the Workshop Module I Introduction, the basics of the MindREFLEX® will be briefly reviewed and questions will be discussed in detail.

In the workshop module II you learn:

  • Testing the primary system connection
  • Switching between the different software systems

Based on our seminar with Christian Müller you will learn with MyEmo TEST®::

  • Testing of traumas and work-related stress disorders such as burnout
  • Differentiation between physical and emotional trauma and burnout
  • Testing trauma and its effects on body and soul
  • Why did the client develop a phobia (fear of flying, water, dentist, etc.)?
  • What is the phobia a substitute strategy for?

With MyEmo TEST®:

  • More creativity, success and security at work - development of personal success strategies
  • Uncovering family-dynamic behaviour patterns and interrelations from the past (birth trauma, loss of relatives, natural disasters, etc.)
  • Self-help with TAP - EFT tapping techniques: simple and very effective tapping techniques for therapists and their clients to increase the success of the tested affirmations
  • Combination of affirmations with other holistic therapies: such as acupuncture/osteopathy/cranio = optimal care for your clients
  • Repetition: Surrogate-Test - (testing of absent or non-testable clients, such as infants, animals, etc.) - for practical application/exercise, participants may bring photos of clients with them

Target group: Doctors, non-medical practitioners and users of the MyEmo TEST® software
Speaker: Vita Berger
Time: 09:00 am - 03:00 pm including coffee breaks
Venue: seminar room of the MindLINK company, Grünwalderstr. 1, 81547 Munich, 1st floor

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