• MyMenu TEST® - Module 1:  Introduction 2020

MyMenu TEST® - Module 1: Introduction 2020

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"You are what you eat"

Introducing the basics and features of the MyMenu TEST® software module:

  • Login and creating a new client file
  • Start a new test
  • Apply and define the percentage scale
  • Details on the technical procedures for the operation of the test system

In the practice-oriented main part of our workshop. You learn how to carry out the MindREFLEX as a kinesiological method. With the help of the MindREFLEX, you can individually query where the client's problem is.


  • Preparation of the client for kinesiological testing
  • Preliminary Test: Test for Switching - Detecting and solving a Present Swichting
  • Type and application of MindREFLEX
  • Testing in specific files and new setups

An extensive vital and metabolic analysis, using reflex tests and computer-aided diagnostics, is the basis for MyMenu TEST.

The entry into the test process mainly takes place via specific questions, such as:

  • Which foods are not tolerated or eaten too little / too much?
  • Does the client have to restrict himself to the stimulants in order to optimize his weight?
  • Does the client eat out of frustration or boredom?
  • Are there any emotional blockages that prevent the achievement of the set goals?
  • What does the ambitious amateur athlete need?
  • Is there a nutritional inefficiency?
  • Does the schoolchild suffer from a diet-related learning disorder?

 Areas of specialization that are easy and accurate to create with MyMenu TEST®:

  • Nutrition concept around weight loss, but also weight gain,
  • What does the expectant and nursing mother need?
  • Menopausal men and menopausal women
  • for active athletes
  • for children and seniors
  • to different clinical diseases (stomach, intestine, diabetes)
  • and much more…

MyMenu TEST is about the actual conversion and optimization of nutrition, which leads to a sustainable improvement and the desired change. It is important for everyday life, there are no great circumstances for optimal nutrition.

In the workshop, the focus will be on practical work - every participant will be tested at least once and will learn how easy and yet precise the MindLINK method is.

Each participant will receive a free and non-binding trial software for 30 days to try out in practice.

Target group: Doctors, Nutritionists and Coaches

Speaker: Vita Berger
Time: 09:00 am - 03:00 pm including coffeebreaks
Venue: seminar room of the MindLINK company, Grünwalderstr. 1, 81547 Munich, 1st floor

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