• PrevenTEST® - Module 2: Special

PrevenTEST® - Module 2: Special

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"Dental interference fields and organ reference"

Due to their particularly long-distance effect, the teeth and jaw can influence the immune system, the autonomic control system, the basic system and the nervous system. General symptoms such as tiredness, allergies, migraines, chronic defensive weaknesses or diminished performance are often caused by incompatibility of dental materials, dead teeth or inflammation in the dental and jaw area. Practice shows, that especially in chronic diseases, the cause is often an interference field in the dental and jaw area.

In this special workshop you learn:

  • Diagnostics with the PrevenTEST software for systemic interconnectiona of stressing teeth and dental materials and chronic complaints.
    Is a root-canal filled tooth the triggerof tinnitus, CFS, allergies, and more?
  • Diagnosis of dental interference fields in the dental-jaw area:
    From which quadrant does a tooth act as a disturbance field? If so, which organ is effected?
    The dental distirbance field and it‘s effects "Must the tooth be removed go or can it stay?"
    Is FDOK (Nico) an issue?
    Does the clients still have heavy metals in the teeth or can he not tolerate the new adhesives?
  • How to test the tolerability of local anesthetics, braces materials or adhesives.
  • Toxic dental disturbances: objectification of toxicity with the OroTox test on root-canal filled and dead teeth. Using OrotTox and what can be tested with it?
  • Trouble shooting with the test systems for occlusion / crunching, wound healing disorders, emotional blockages as a trigger of crunching.
  • Testing the individual detoxification protocol (infusion or intake).
  • Does the client need osteopathic or cranial treatment?

At the workshop, your questions about dental testing will be clarified in detail and it will be practivally  most oft he time. You are welcome to bring a photo of clients, that we can practice with practical examples and learn how to test challenging test situations. For this please contact me directly: vitaberger@mindlink.info.

Target group: Dentists, non-medical practitioners and users of the PrevenTEST software
Speaker: Vita Berger and Robert Huber
Time: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm including coffee breaks
Venue: seminar room of the MindLINK company, Grünwalderstr. 1, 81547 Munich, 1st floor

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