• PrevenTEST® - Module 2: Advanced - Topic: Dental Special

PrevenTEST® - Module 2: Advanced - Topic: Dental Special

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"Teeth as interference fields and holistic health"

Based on the Workshop Module I this workshop will deal with the practical testing of a wide variety of topics related to the dental and jaw area. (The basics of testing and the MindREFLEX® will be briefly reviewed.) Teeth and dental materials, fillings and root-filled teeth can be the cause of various chronic diseases. It is not for nothing that they often act in the body as so-called interference fields and have damaging effects on organs or circuits of action due to their systemic effect. Especially root-filled teeth can be the cause of various system and organ diseases due to the release of anerobic bacteria. Unfortunately, the X-ray image is not sufficient to assess these system effects, because bacteria can survive in endodontically treated teeth.

Root-filled teeth can have toxic effects.


With the OroTox® In-Vitro Test such single tooth testing and single tooth diagnostics can be tested for mercaptane/thioether toxins from root-filled teeth.

PrevenTEST® is used to test systemic effects.


With this software module you can clarify questions such as:

  • Is there a connection between chronic complaints and root-filled teeth?
  • Did the dental materials cause the allergies?
  • Do the gold fillings or gold bridges act as interference fields on organs?
  • Do titanium implants have a negative influence on the immune system?
  • Can such strains be alleviated? Is the drainage sufficient or must the affected tooth be removed?


The PrevenTEST® software module is used to find such hidden system connections and physical blockages.


In the 1-day workshop for beginners you will learn the practical work with the PrevenTEST® software module in small groups. 


  • First the basics and the application of the PrevenTEST® software are explained:
  • Login and create a new client
  • Create a new test
  • Applying and defining the percentage scale
  • Details of the technical processes involved in operating the test system

In the main part of the workshop you will work practically and get to know the MindREFLEX® as a kinesiological method. With the help of MindREFLEX® you as a therapist can then individually ask where the client's problem is.


  • Preparation of the client for kinesiological testing
  • Pre-test for switching - detection and solving of an existing Swichting
  • Type and application of MindREFLEX® (Arm length reflex test according to Raphael van Assche)
  • Testing with Specific Files and new Setup to determine the relationship between existing symptoms and complaints and tooth and tooth materials.

Subsequently, we test the targeted and efficient balancing of the system connection of present symptoms with supplements, remedies and various therapies. Finally, you will learn how to test the dosage and duration of use - as well as how to test the tolerance of the remedies.

The correct implementation of the OroTox® test is discussed in detail and the advantages and disadvantages of this test are explained. Questions about delivery, storage and billing examples are discussed in detail.

"Workshop" means a lot of practical work. If you want, you can also be tested as a participant.

Target group:    
Ärzte, Zahnärzte und Heilpraktiker
Speaker:Vita Berger
Time:9 am – 4 pm incl. 2 coffee
Location:Digital Dental & Healthcare Technology GmbH & Co. KG (DDHT), Mehlbeerenstraße 2, 82024 Taufkirchen
Cost:299,00 €* per participant,  179,00 €* for additional participants of the same practice (*incl. 19 % VAT)

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