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Our Test Systems - Patented Technology


The MindLINK software modules myEmo TEST®, PrevenTEST® und myMENU TEST® are databases with testelements on emotional, physical or nutrition-related dynamics and blockages. They consist of soundfiles files, i.e. audible words. Instead of a speaker, these audio files are transmitted to the tested person using the specially developed MindLINK WavePads®.


myEmo TEST® - "The psyche as cause of illness"

Can be used to identifying and balancing psycho-emotional blockages. With this software module, emotional blockages can be found quickly and in a targeted manner e.g. as the background of emotional or physical symptoms. It supports an individual analysis and can serve as an introduction to any form of client counseling.

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PrevenTEST® - "The new way to health and awareness"

The PrevenTEST® software module is used to find system connections and physical blockages. For example, it can be used to test what was the trigger of chronic diseases and what measures are needed to compensate it.

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myMENU TEST® - "Eat healthy - live better"

myMENU Test® is a software module for extensive vital and metabolic analysis using reflex tests and computer-aided analysis. It is adapted to your current metabolism and provides information about the activity of the individual organs, the protein-, fat- and carbohydrate metabolism, glandular activity (hormones), the acid-base balance and much more. With MyMENU TEST® one can test to which extent a change in diet, the reduction of certain foods and the intake of vitamins and trace elements etc. can support you in achieving the desired goal.

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Demo Trial
Demo Trial

The prices below are monthly prices. A contract is concluded for a minimum term of 1 year and can be terminated at the end of the quarter.


For newcomers to the software and those who would like to get to know us first.

myEmo TEST

  • Basic blockages and setup options
  • Basic affirmations, soundso of nature and a lot more
56.84 € incl. VAT.*

  • Basic blockages and setup options
  • order therapies, Bach flowers, Schüssler salts
  • remedy control
56.84 € incl. VAT*

  • Basic blockades and setup options
  • quantity-do's and don'ts, measures and order therapies
33.64 € incl. VAT*


More blockages and affirmations for everyone who has already dealt with the software and wants more.

myEmo TEST

  • Blockages of the emotional and spiritual dynamics and much more
  • additional topics in the solutions category, such as "Fit for Learning" and "Mind-Body-Harmony"
68.44 € incl. VAT*

  • Organ functions, systemic functions
  • additional system and organ remedies
  • Phylak remedies (Spagyric Agents)
68.44 € incl. VAT*

  • Food intolerance
  • Balance plate and cup Commandments / prohibitions, and much more
45.24 € incl. VAT*


You are familiar with the MindLINK Software® modules. You are an alternative practitioner or a medical doctor… Here are alls blockages and affirmations are available for you.
myEmo TEST

  • Blockages of energetic dynamics or Mini-computer dynamics and much more
  • Affirmations for the life plan, etc.
  • Various possibilities of addidional therapies
80.04 € incl. VAT*

  • Additional topics such as children, teeth, the immune system
  • Psychosyndrome remedies and other supplements and agents
91.64 € incl. VAT*

  • Testelements for eg. consumption of nutrients
  • More commandments and requirements / prohibitions, including Metabolic functions
56.84 € incl. VAT*

*Price per month

The MindLINK WavePads® convert the sound files into artificial fields of consciousness. If the tested person resonates with the transmitted content, a reflex occurs. With this reflex it is possible to test individual blockages and appropriate solutions with a yes / no query.

On this technology HP Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner received a patent. This patent attests that HP Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner had to provide proof of effectiveness.

Available Mid of December 2020:

Large update of the MindLINK® software system with great new features.

  • Improved entry for newcomers; simplified & intuitive operation for beginners
  • All modules (myMenu, myEmo & PREVEN TEST) are now combined in one software
  • New feature: overview of orders that have already been placed with suppliers
  • Improved documentation: Text can be entered – for clients, at the pretest and for the individual testelements that show resonance. Extra space for your personal notes.
  • Different expansion levels of the modules (Basic, Advanced, Pro) which you can flexibly adapt to your needs.
  • The plus for long-term users: Experienced users will find suggestions through the more detailed pretest, such as various options for the General File and various options for entries (via test elements or the client).
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Order the MindLINK Software now!

Just fill out the order form and send it back to office@mindlink.info.
You will receive the log-in information via e-mail.
Download order form!