• MyEmo TEST® - Module 1: Introduction

MyEmo TEST® - Module 1: Introduction

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"Dialogue with the Inner Consciousness"


Introducing the basics and features of the MyEmo TEST® software module:

  • Login and creating a new client
  • Create a new test
  • Apply and define the percentage scale
  • Details on the technical procedures for the operation of the test system

In the practice-oriented main part of our workshop you get to know the MindREFLEX® as a kinesiological method. With the help of the MindREFLEX, you can individually query where the client's problem is.


  • Preparation of the client for kinesiological testing
  • Type and application of the arm length reflex test according to Raphael van Assche - the MindREFLEX®
  • Testing with specific files – with this can be specifically decrypted the individual trigger and background of various emotional blockages.
  • Testing the appropriate affirmations and solutions to balance the negative blockagages

In the workshop, you'll learn how to use MyEmo TEST® to find deep-hidden blockages, such as:

  • Are there any psychological reversals or self-sabotage programs?
  • Does the client need the disease or does he possibly get a profit from it?
  • What prevents the client to quit smoking or why does the client not lose weight, despite the strict diet?
  • Why did the client develop e.g. fear of flying, fear at the dentist, syrings, etc.?
  • Do familial dynamics prevent clients from fulfilling their full potential?
  • Is the child scared at school, is it being bullied or is it not compatible with the teacher?

With the help of the MyEmo TEST® system, you can quickly and accurately find the origin and the deeper psycho-emotional background of such problems.

Thereafter, the appropriate positive affirmations and solutions and the duration of their application are tested in the user section. You will learn how to interpret the tested blockages and affirmations, and as a basis for coaching.

The workshop is mainly practical work. Each participant can be tested and of course can also practice the use of the software and the MindREFLEX®. This gives you a good overview of how easy and yet precise the MindLINK® method is. By participating in the workshop module 1 you learn the arm length reflex test as a kinesiological method and you are able to operate the software systems correctly and to apply the tests.

Each participant receives a free and non-binding trial software for 30 days for practical testing in practice.

Target group: Doctors and Coaches
Speaker: Vita Berger
Time: 09:00 am - 04:00 pm including coffee breaks
Venue: Digital Dental & Healthcare Technology GmbH & Co. KG (DDHT), Mehlbeerenstraße 2, 82024 Taufkirchen

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