• MyEmo TEST® - Module 2: Advanced - Topic: Connection with the Inner Child & Testing Children

MyEmo TEST® - Module 2: Advanced - Topic: Connection with the Inner Child & Testing Children

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"Connection with the Inner Child & Testing Children"

Based on the Workshop Module I Introduction, the basics of the MindREFLEX will be briefly reviewed and questions will be discussed in detail.

In Workshop II in part 1 you will learn:

  • Testing the primary system connections - which event or what was the original trigger, where the problem started
  • Why does the client not want to change? What is blocking the healing?
  • Are there self-sabotage programs that block the client from reaching his goal?
  • Which event was the general trigger?
  • Performing the surrogate test - to test absent or untestable clients, toddlers or animals. Participants are welcome to bring a photo of a client, so it can be practiced on the basis of real patient examples.

Part 2 - Working with the Inner Child

You will learn how with MyEmo TEST® emotional injuries and fears of the so-called Inner Child can be tested and which conflict strategies and behavioral patterns have been triggered by such injuries. With MyEmo TEST® it is possible to test specifically which of the needs was seriously injured and with which affirmations these injuries can be sustainably balanced.

Part 3 - Testing children

From so-called cry babies to learning problems among schoolchildren and students, with MyEmo TEST® one can easily and quickly test the blockages that have led to the problems.
Does the cry baby have unresolved fears from the prenatal period?
Or is there a birth trauma?
Is the schoolchild hyperactive or a Highly Sensitive Personality and therefore overstimulated?

Afterwards you will get to know the different possibilities of application of the affirmations in combination with the EFT tapping techniques.

Target group: Therapists and Coaches
Speaker:  Vita Berger
Time: 09:00 am - 03:00 pm including coffee breaks
Venue: Digital Dental & Healthcare Technology GmbH & Co. KG (DDHT), Mehlbeerenstraße 2, 82024 Taufkirchen