• PrevenTEST® - Module 1: Introduction

PrevenTEST® - Module 1: Introduction

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"The new way to health and consciousness"


First, the basics and application of the PrevenTEST® software are explained:

  • Login and creating a new client
  • Creating a new test
  • Applying and defining the percentage scale
  • Detailes on the technical procedures for operating the test system

Then it goes into the main part of our workshop: Here you learn the practical work with the software  and get to know the MindREFLEX® as a kinesiological method. With the help of the MindREFLEX®, you can individually query where the client's problem is.


  • Preparation of the client for kinesiological testing
  • Pre-Test on Switching - detect and resolve a present swichting
  • Nature and application of the MindREFLEX® (arm length reflex test according to Raphael van Assche)
  • Testing with specific files and new setups

Testing with the PrevenTEST® software:

On the basis of common complaints you will learn how to test the individual triggers and background of system blockadages.

  • What is the cause of allergies and chronic diseases?
  • Why does a wound not heal?
  • Is the client weather sensitive or what is the trigger of fatigue and nervousness?
  • The client keeps complaining about migraine: Is it really migraine, is it just a simple headache, tension headaches and what are they actually causes?
  • Tinnitus - what is the trigger and how can you resolve this chronic stress?
  • Dental Interference and Organ Reference - Root-canal filled teeth: On ehat organ do they have an effect?
  • The client has no specific symptom - where to start testing?
  • The client has multiple complaints - what is the priority?

These common symptoms will teach you how to test the individual triggers of system blockages.
Subsequently, the targeted and efficient balancing of the system crosslinks is tested by existing symptoms with supplements and measures. Based on the result, the test provides an efficient plan, which supplements and measures for improvement are necessary. Finally, you will learn to test dosage and duration of use - as well as testing the tolerability of the supplements.

The workshop is very practical. As a result, each participant is tested at least once and also has the opportunity through hands-on to experience the simplicity of the application itself.

By attending the workshop module 1 you will be able to operate the software correctly and apply the tests and learn the arm length reflex test as a kinesiological method.

Each participant will receive a free and non-binding trial software for 30 days to try out in practice.

Target group: Doctors, Naturopaths and Therapists
Speaker: Vita Berger
Time: 09:00 am - 4:00 pm including coffee breaks
Venue: Digital Dental & Healthcare Technology GmbH & Co. KG (DDHT), Mehlbeerenstraße 2, 82024 Taufkirchen
Cost: 198,00 €* per participan, 99,00 €* for additional participants from the same practice (*incl. 19 % VAT)