• PrevenTEST® - Module 2: Advanced - Topic: Multiple symptoms / no symptoms - how to test?"

PrevenTEST® - Module 2: Advanced - Topic: Multiple symptoms / no symptoms - how to test?"

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"Multiple symptoms / no symptoms - how to test?"

Based on the Workshop Module I Introduction, the basics of the MindREFLEX® will be briefly reviewed and questions will be discussed in detail.

Advanced test examples, such as

  • Test procedure if the client shows multiple symptoms
  • Finding what is the priority
  • Setup with symptoms of complaints from the PrevenTEST® software vs. therapy localization or visualization
  • Working with the indices: Shortcuts directly to large topic areas and indispensable helpers if the test end of the tested level and thus the system networking is not reached.
  • What is the common denominator of different symptoms
  • The client is listless and does not know where his problem is - what level to start with?
  • Testing of the primary system connection: What was the original trigger of a chronic symptom: what originally upset the balance of the system? Where was it not possible to compensate for strain?
  • Does the client want to stay ill longer? Is there a psychological reversal or does he even have a gain in illness?
  • Using the "Surrogate-Test" = how do you test an absent or not directly testable client (infant, client with shoulder problems, animals, etc.)?
  • Applying the "supplement control," Tolerance and compatibility of the various supplements
  • Testing of dosage / duration of application
  • Tolerance and compatibility testing (materials and local anaesthetics)
  • How do I test supplements that are not included in the software?
  • Harmonization of conventional medications

Also in the advanced workshop various test situations and cases are practiced.

Target group: Doctors, non-medical practitioners and users of the PrevenTEST software
Speaker: Vita Berger
Time: 09:00 am - 03:00 pm including coffee breaks
Venue: Digital Dental & Healthcare Technology GmbH & Co. KG (DDHT), Mehlbeerenstraße 2, 82024 Taufkirchen

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